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2022 was the year of separation, 2023 the year of judgment - Remnant Restoration Recordings

A post from Remnant Restoration Recordings on Telegram (Assemble the Kingdom Founder Jerin Bynum), please take heed:

A Kingdom Person never flaunts thier relationship with God or thier gifts. Nothing is theirs not even that person's ministry. The moment we start believing we are faultless and punish others for not walking in our way, we have created an ungodly expectation that God did not put on us. Free will is the very key to true servitude. The willingness to wake up and say yes Lord, lead me with your spirit as to what you want me to share today.

What I am doing you won't see fruit until a specific time, but in time you will understand that God wants you to have a plan on how to spread more seed.

If we surround ourselves with religious nuts we lose site of our own ministry, if we think ourselves highly we will be humbled. By grace and Christ can we boast but never proud in our actions, yet be glad in our work.

Trust me when I say, I have given many seasons to teaching all of you here, and I can do so. But the true teacher is Christ and the Holy Spirit.

You must know both teachers to not be lead by men and lead astray by gossiping women.

God separated last year, this year he will judge. Watch, see, and hold on to Christ and be LED by the Spirit or you could very well loose your hope or even your life.

The religious spirit will be shaken this year because of their arrogance. Fall will be great- the great fall is happening. Prepare your hearts now.


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Thanks for sharing brother, blessings!

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