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3+ year Wedge pattern in Silver, something spectacular is about to happen! Don't panic! 9/28/23

Silence DoGood


In trading, there is a pattern known as a wedge formation. This is one of the longest and most condensed charts that I've seen, it's 3+ years old and is now "sprung" into $22.50! Or will the paper price "Fall" to $16.50, or up to $31? The price is set to go up or down dramatically. If it does go down, please do not forget that paper price is irrelevant. Physical prices have always remained elevated high to extreme during paper crashes.

Recall what happened to Oil in April, 2020, it went negative briefly. That was a "paper unwind". So don't panic! Dollar cost average and find weak hands and go purchase Silver and Gold collections at fire sale prices if ever presented with a deal!



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