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A revolution to be? (Révolution à venir") - originally posted 2/17/23

The United States has by far the best navigable waterways in the world, and the most arable land around those waterways in the world. We are one of the world's largest supplier of food, mainly corn and soybeans, which mostly goes towards animal feeds. But if that supply is tainted, animals around the world could start dying if this food is actually poisonous.

The United States could have the worst natural disaster in our nation's history on our hands, and this is a big deal for the entire globe. It is hard to fathom the scope and scale of this disaster, because it just happened. It could be that crops that are supposed to be sewn this year won't happen, or will die next year and all of the seeds, fertilizer and energy wasted is where we may see the long term effects.

🔔🔔 It is most clear at this point that Government has utterly failed. We The People must somehow form a new Government, and wipe clean this current one. Coup d'etat? Revolution? Civil War? Prayer en masse? This should be a serious discussion with others. Enough of the "no politics, no religion" mantra. Those days are over. If you want to save a nation, do something about it. We must draw inspiration from events such as the Tea Party in December 1773, and the Revolution that kicked off our United States Constitution, formally signed on July 4th, 1776. Some British may very well refer to this priceless document today as a "war document", and those signers openly admitted "Treason" in the public realm. As a Millennial, I sense the urgency for our generation to do something; yet, this Revolution to be, a "révolution à venir", must also involve the next generation, Generation Z, but on a global scale. What the next generation coming into adulthood doesn't participate in, will be as important as what they do partake in.

May God have mercy on our nation and give many hearts repentance and peace by finding Jesus. 🗡️🛡️🙏🏻🕊️

Truly yours,

Silence DoGood



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