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Abolitionist thoughts by the Disestablishmentarianist

Silence DoGood, MBA

Originally posted 2/18/23

I agree that the SEC, CFTC and FDIC should be decommissioned and shut down; for as our founding forefathers even understood that a tyrannical government must restrain itself, a freewill to conduct free commerce and allow We The People to be wholly responsible for our own personal and business relationships is of paramount importance to the health and welfare of any nation, to which we witnessed the likes of China, who has betrayed its own people worse than Hitler and Stalin, by at least a factor of two.

Cultures need a jury of their own peers both in and out of the courtrooms, as we know the real world is far stranger than the fictions we see play out on our algorithm fed military grade device known as a "cellular phone", reprogrammed and then propagandized as a "smart device", and the tell-lie-visions, re-hypothecated as the "TV"! Why do you think corporations act the way they act? Through programming and propaganda, no different than individuals, which makes up that corporate entity! These Corporations are licensed and approved by the state, an apparatus of control, and therefore attached at the mercy of the state! Corporations choose specific justifications for various reasons to incorporate, places like Delaware, where they have a "chancery court" (look that up separately)! I may not invest any of my hard-earned capital into things like crypto, but damnit I'll give my life to ensure our country continues to be a beacon of hope for free speech for EVERYONE! THAT MEANS 100% OF CITIZENS!!

So ask yourself, as you are within the crowd in the court of public opinion, how can Gary Gensler even consider banning staking, unless he reaps to reward greatly by his master? Is the gun the problem or the victim, or is it the person who committed the crime is the one at fault? Who is the master pulling the puppet strings over Gary Gensler? This Government is despicable beyond anything that can be conjured up in recent memory. People in these top positions of brass are "Dobby Elves", attached to their overlord. Gensler knows full well the shit storm that would brew, but no doubt would be richly rewarded by the globalists to harm the US by exploiting the lack of knowledge as to the benefits of blockchain when it is handled correctly, by non-tyrants and non-sociopaths, relative to the drawbacks when bad guys get a hold of it. At this point, the cat is out of the bag. Blockchain and its evolution must be heavily fortified by good people, or risk evil using it against us, and it will probably even try to put us into prison in some rogue dystopian nightmare. And these are the facts from the mind of Silence DoGood; this is an unbiased opinion, with absolutely no skin in the game; I've never once personally owned a single crypto of any kind, having never been gifted, having never sold one before. So I am simply an astute observer in the Crypto/Blockchain space, and I'm most concerned to hear about government officials overstepping their bounds, saying they are there to help the situation. What groups are standing up for computer technologists, and their right to assemble, their right to free speech, to bear arms, to pursue happiness? Right now, at the behest of the overlords and Kings of the land, the Gensler's and the Biden's, which are fully represented as the worst kind of scum on Earth!

I do actually agree with Bix Weir that we could be a third world nation within two years if Gensler makes staking illegal, as this biblical toned, AI infested revolution working alongside sociopathic narcissistic globalization loving leaders, go up against the John Connors of the world who have been sent here by God to fight! Get to the chopper! Much of the rest of the world seems to have lost many rights and due process since the plan-demic, and our remaining losses to lose are still that; they are ours to lose, lest we fight for them.

If lost, we would be losing our most sacred freedoms; we must remember that we have rights, and we have a voice, and that we must use it, and educate others as best as we know how! And if you are wondering why I used the word abolitionist in the title, maybe by the time you've read to the end of this, you'll realize we are all but slaves in their system, and we are trying to break free from the injustices that we have witnessed and been a part of! 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️

God bless and Truly Yours,

Silence DoGood



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