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๐Ÿ”” BREAKING ๐Ÿ”” - Gold and Silver explode higher, over $2,100 WITH a $7 spread between bid and ask!!

As of this writing Sunday evening, Gold has shot past the key $2,100 figure, with a whopping $7 spread between the bid and ask ($2,108 / $2,115)!

When international markets have this kind of move at their open, the following business day trading in the US is typically insane!

Silver is nearing $26, its own critical level on its way to $30 and beyond. Entering an entirely new paradigm... Especially as global war will cause rampant inflation through Fiat printing - bombs away!

Gold is usually the leader, and the canary in the coal mine, as it tends to sniff out big macro events 3-12 months in advance. Silver will be right behind Gold, and it's likely the Precious Metals miners join in with this rally!



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