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🔔 BREAKING 🔔 - United States debt payments go VERTICAL, as short-term rates exceed 5%!

Rafi Farber does a fantastic job at describing that interest payments have gone vertical, and this is the step that we've been waiting to see before the collapse of an economy, which is imminent! The 3 month, 6 month and 1 year Treasuries are over 5%! The 6-month and one year were my canary in the coal mine very early in 2022, when I realized what Fed was attempting! The Fed has been attempting to douse water on an economy that Trump had stimulated, but he stimulated the people, not the banks! Trump knows the Art of War well. Having run many companies into bankruptcy, he knew full well that the strategy of bankruptcy is to pump as much debt into that system before the actual bankruptcy itself! The 2008 pumping kept the patient (banks) on a Narcan drip, because it only went to the bankers, which was essentially printing money out of their left pocket and putting it into their right pocket, and the occasional loose change might fall for someone to pick up! The vast majority of our nation's debt is a year or less, so this will hit the government's pocketbook immediately, hence why Biden is now attacking billionaires, because they know their scheme will both fall apart and be exposed if they cannot raise new funds, fast! These people are stupid, because this will only exacerbate and speed up the collapse! The same thing happened to Great Britain last fall, when their interest rates spiked, and their pensions were literally hours from collapsing, and the government had to step in to quell the fears. This time around, if something breaks in the US (which something will very soon), it will affect the entire globe!



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