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Can we all agree to save in something other than dollars? Silver, BTC to be the life raft for many with the storm that's ahead... Read on!

This reminds me of "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help"! This is PRECISELY the time to be buying Precious Metals (Silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet), and also the likely reason for the recent run up in the price of BTC.

Regardless of what your family, friends and co-workers do, shouldn't you advise them not to just walk, but to RUN from these banks and even brokerage houses wherever possible???!!!

If those you know are not inclined to stack physical Precious Metals, there are ABDC Precious Metals solutions or private vaulting. If they aren't into Precious Metals, isn't BTC still a better alternative than "Federal Reserve Fiat credits" tucked in a ledger inside a large, complex and unknowable insolvent bank, inside a totally insolvent system, and in which the western hegemony is crashing?!

Asia, the Middle East, Russia and emerging market countries are all vying for BRICS inclusion! But they have a trust problem with each other, because they view it as the enemy of your enemy is your friend. So these alliances provide the appearance of a friendship (for now, even though they can't stand each other), because they both dislike the United States more. But when the tide changes, that trust will probably fall apart.

Only precious metals and BTC have immutable properties that are also divisible, fungible, act like money (exchange of goods and services through an acceptable method of transfer) and where BTC can even function as a global superhighway to exchange value quickly because of the Byzantine Generals problem, while still providing multiple choices to the entire marketplace (even CBDCs can be inclusive, so long as they allow the free transfer to other platforms 😂)!

I say Silver for local transactions (aka a "local standard"), and Gold/BTC standard for the "state to state" (S2S) and "Nation to Nation" (N2N) transactions, via compromise between the two consenting parties in the transaction!

We The People represent the states we call home. You HAVE TO GET INVOLVED SOMEWHERE, you just have to! Local or State, testimony, teaching, networking, whatever God is calling you to do...go for it! When enough people wake up to the correct solution, the Truth will spread faster than a HAARP-engineered wildfire!



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