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Central Banking Armageddon is here [for them], they are running out of options

These brokered shotgun deals that Central Banks are dealing in will poison the rest of the water wells at a much faster clip than anyone is anticipating. The system has taken it upon itself to privatize profits while simultaneously socializing losses. This can only happen so long before all companies become corrupt just to survive because the government tells them what to do. This is as fascist as Mussolini's Italian state during WW2. It's clear UBS wanted Credit Suisse to fail. The shotgun marriage not only brings baggage into this new marriage, but it also potentially exposes UBS failings that might have otherwise been papered over, had it not been for this shotgun marriage. There will be long-term reverberations for these kinds of actions by governments, in which Central Banks have become their own governments. Funny how all the sudden no one is talking about Silicon Valley Bank, but instead they are talking about UBS buying Credit Suisse. Look here, not there. The facts are, they are putting a Band-Aid on top of a Band-Aid on something that needs stitches, all while the patient is also infected and needs antibiotics. Central Bankers are beyond giddy to try out their MMT theories. I can tell you folks, none of this ends except on a trail of tears, for most! We The Prepared will fare better than most, as we have purchased additional life jackets to help those who we care about and who we trust, but it won't be easy! Those who have sown their fields will reap what they sowed, but those who did not plant anything will be surely disappointed as to the harvest of the government, for there may be a year where there is no harvest whatsoever! Or will there be a 7-year drought, and only those with the strongest houses will survive? Let God be the judge! @familyman20181 ☕✝️

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