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Mark Taylor post from Telegram - the TRUTH!

God is GRIEVED at what is happening in our Country, and at certain Patriotic tours, Prophetic Ministries, Churches, Revivals, and Seminaries. It's UNIVERSALISM and INCLUSION! I call it the Spiritual Sandals Syndrome! It's like an all Inclusive Sandals Resort where anything goes and there's no accountability. People yoking with Witchcraft, New Age, Christianity, Sensationalism, and calling it God, Patriotism, and Unity. When in fact this is an ABOMINATION to the Lord! In 1776 we had Pastors in the pulpit who put Spiritual matters first, and Patriotism came automatically. Today it's the opposite. We have CEOs of Corporations, 3 letter Agencies, or Illuminati in the pulpits who put everything else (Money, Agendas, Control) first instead of God! We either have a Country Spiritually, or we don't have a Country at all! REPENT! These people are leading the masses and our Country over a Cliff Spiritually! REPENT!

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