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My response to a recent article from Anthony Pompliano of the Pomp Report (worth a read/listen)

Here is my response to Anthony Pompliano, writer of the Pomp Report. I feel it is critical to share my thoughts, considering how many still believe the crypto rhetoric as a long-term solution to topple the existing system. Only precious metals, with God's will, will change the system for the better, as We The People rise up! Link to his Substack: My response: Anthony, I wish there were more passionate people like you that were out there trying to educate the masses. There are a couple points where I disagree with you, but I think it is healthy for those to understand where each person is coming from. I consider myself an expert with insurance, banking, investment management and risk management. I hold an active Series 7 license, formerly Series 66, I hold an MBA with a Finance specialty, and I also have certifications from the CFP board. With that said, I believe your assessment about the Fed and the system in general not wanting to cause another crash is hopeful at best. But I believe the powers at be actually do want to cause a crash. If one were ignorant or unknowing, you would expect mixed results. However, it seems that their decisions always help those who seem to be in the know, and dumb money typically chases dumb managers. Smart money chase smart managers. Stock investors have been considered the dumb money, while bond investors have been considered the smart money for the last 40 years. This is changing, very quickly. Bond managers are blind to what's ahead, as we can see with failures within bank management such as SVB, Silvergate and Signature Bank. When it comes to investing, the masses are left believing indexing is the way to go, which is trickery of the worst kind, because people genuinely think that indexing is the right way to go. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of more dumb money chasing more dumb indexes that a handful of corporations control, while investors like Warren Buffett and others have purchased the highest quality companies over the last 5 decades, and now these companies become unavailable to purchase on their own, without buying shares in something like Berkshire Hathaway. The second point I will make is in regards to your comment on Bitcoin. I understand the arguments for and against the maximalist view. This is where having spiritual authority is powerful, because man created Bitcoin. God created precious metals in a massive supernova explosion billions of years ago. Precious metals provide the system a set of checks and balances that is also immutable, where inflation can be fought with deflation, and deflation can be fought with inflation. The most effective way for this inflation/deflation battle to happen is within the mining sector, which has to exist anyways for consumers to consume everything that we see. It is a similar fight of good versus evil, where without evil, people cannot perceive what is good. Both need to exist like YinYang for balance to occur. Commodity prices go up with natural demand, this attracts new investment allocations into the sector. There will be good investments and bad investments. It is up to investors to discern which projects are good and which are not. The facts are, everything is so distorted, that it is more than hard to plan projects a decade in advance. Bitcoin can seem like an immediate solution, but it's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness in having a fixed supply. Deflation naturally occurs as people lose their crypto keys, just like people forget about assets within the system, especially as people die and estates do not catch all assets previously owned by the deceased person. Precious metals naturally increase in supply to meet the demands of the marketplace, and this in turn affects price proportionally. If there is too much supply, as history has shown us from time to time, wealth is still created and dispersed in different ways, most notably with the discovery of massive gold and Silver deposits in the western half of the United States throughout the 19th century. But precious metals can also becomes a life raft. Now Bitcoin can theoretically function in this manner, but there are also substitute imposters that come into the crypto space to try to cause disruption. Bitcoin also becomes the life raft for those within the crypto system, so when other cryptos are imploding, there is this rush to BTC as "perceived safety" within the system, much like bank deposits will rush to JP Morgan under "perceived safety". However both exist within their own imperfect systems, created by man. Fiat is dead, and without access to a bridge to Fiat, BTC and crypto will be quite literally in its own universe of trading. As the old saying goes, Gold is the money of Kings, Silver is the money of Gentlemen, Barter is the money of Peasants, Fiat is the money of Slaves, and Crypto could become on a rung even lower than Fiat, if such a thing is possible. With the introduction of a CBDC impending, the Fed and or Treasury may just extend a temporary bridge for those wanting to escape crypto before the system closes on the crypto system entirely. It is clear the powers that be want to squash the crypto community, and barring any external action, this is what will happen. Precious metals exist outside all of these systems, because they too are incorruptible, but they exist in this reality where I can actually physically hold it and trade it with others, regardless of which tyrannical government we might be under. Not to mention huge adoption by investors into crypto, which exceeded 15%, while less than 1% of people hold physical precious metals. Most of those 15% have sustained major losses, and are at least a generation away from reentering the space with new money. These are just some of my thoughts, and I hope your readers find them enlightening. God bless, Silence DoGood ☕✝️

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