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Oil and Gas investing is not going away. ESG has lost its mojo for good!

BlackRock's Fink: "Why I won't say ESG anymore"

Fink is a day late and a dollar short. Like Bud Light, he is the sole person to blame who has permanently tarnished the BlackRock brand forever.

His argument that he never wanted to be political is a complete farce. Investors of all kinds should recognize this as a small victory, but the war is not yet won. Fink and BlackRock will no doubt double down on their ESG agenda, but they will wordsmith it and call it something else. These conglomerates and oligopolies have far too much power, and there is still much work to be done, particularly educating the masses on what these globalists have actually done, and what they have really been trying to do to our future.

It's interesting to note that the Yahoo author of the article used an ideological spectrum as a baseline (they always use, divide and conquer as a means to their end), and the author decided to shove oil and gas investments right in the center of it, with the far right accusing Fink of woke capitalism and undermining oil and gas, while the far left said they think BlackRock didn't go far enough to reduce its own exposure to climate issues by not divesting from oil and gas. You may not want it in your backyard, but O&G are not going away. 98% of what you can see in your office, house, in your car, etc., use petroleum based products in its creation. Like water, oil and gas is abundant in many places, and the earth is constantly creating it under immense pressure. Lithium mines and volcanic eruptions are far more destructive to the environment than O&G.



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