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The two most recent posts from prophet Mark Taylor:


Their are a some leaders in the Deep State Church that are trying to project that THEY are calling out FALSE Profits when in fact THEY are part of the problem. First THEY are 501c3 themselves so you can't cast out Satan with Satan. Second this is a turf war for the Church Cartels. Some of what they are saying is in fact correct which is intended to lure you into their camp, think psyop. Third the company THEY keep and their symbolism speaks volumes of who THEY truly are. FALSE Profits and Pastors will always keep company with others that are FALSE! Remember people have been executed for exposing the Church Cartels while others had their lives ruined, no different than the Deep State Politicians. Jezebel's dogfights are happening but not in the way most people think. THEY are turning on one another. If you can't Discern Read the signs! Paul 18:7

You can't pick and choose or hold one or two False Profits accountable, you have to hold them ALL ACCOUNTABLE! Did Elijah hold only one or two accountable? NO! He held HUNDREDS accountable! Has anything changed since then? Instead of hundreds of False Profits and Pastors we now have thousands. God has given the leadership a chance to REPENT, but they have refused! Judgment starts in the house of the Lord and it has started on the leadership! The same people will tell you that the Church is the Ekklesia. WRONG! The Institutionalized Church is part of the Baal Babylonian System. That's why there's an all-out battle to keep you BOUND in the Old Religious Order, (Church, Religion) in order to control you. It's Religion versus Relationship. The Holy Spirit is not in Religion or some Patriotic tour, but the Kundalini is! The Holy Spirit is in Relationship with the TRUE Lord Jesus Christ! Not the False Jesus the Kundalini is in, that most of these Jezebel's are pushing!

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