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๐Ÿ”” Silence DoGood's prediction on the next BANK RUN and how it may play out - A MUST READ ๐Ÿ””

I look at everything going on in this ongoing banking crisis as a game of chicken. A game of musical chairs. Which Too Big To Fail bank, blinks first, and we see a bank run at Wells Fargo, or at Bank of America, or at Capital One? What banks are holding the most toxic commercial real estate, credit cards and business loans? Which banks have money that is perceived as "easy" to transfer out of that institution on their phones because customers are conditioned to use their phones to move their money out? This now becomes a great risk to banks with heavier online banking adoption vs banks with high usage of Billpay, check writing and low HELOC balances. YOU need to become your own risk manager. "Online banks" are at risk for bank runs, as well as higher uninsured deposits and those going hogwild on auto loans and even subprime. There are major risks outside the banking purview, but these risks quickly trickle into the banking system, as Trust is eroded as the no reserves no backing Fiat system falls apart at a breakneck pace. It is up to We The People to determine how fast this happens, based on our existing banking relationships, and how quickly you get out of Fiat and into hard commodities. Do you have a large business where you want to take risk out of the equation? Go bank at JPMorgan Chase, by far the largest institution. It pains me to say this, but unless it's your personal account with a few months of savings and you have a relationship with a local bank, that is the trajectory of where very large balances are headed. When one of the big 10 fails, JP Morgan will be the main benefactor. Based on the precedence that this government has said, JP Morgan is the bank that deposits will flow too, because that is by their design. The fed wants this to happen. Central banks are coordinating this around the world which is why they took out credit. Suisse, each country is setting up one to two large banks and then they are going to try their CBDC and global push for a "One World SDR CBDC". But they cannot do this until more banks have failed. People must educate each other on what they are doing, and how to prevent it (Silver, Gold, and other hard commodities and physical assets). I cannot wait until one of the largest 10 financial institutions in the United States has a bank run! It's not a fun process, especially if it's your bank. But hopefully we have all learned from each other as to what to do! We just had a top 20 fail with SVB, but a bank in the top 10 is a whole different ball game. I think we are about to play one, two, or even three innings of this game, and an A-Rod/Varitek kind of fight might just break out between good and evil! We will start to see regulators and politicians attempting to get in sync with each other, but the holdouts in Congress who are refusing to discuss raising the debt ceiling without major concessions may completely throw everyone in for loop this time around. If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say "oh they'll pass the debt ceiling limit, they always do", I'd be a rich man. Of course precisely now, they are ready to stop this game of musical chairs and not raise the debt ceiling, Donald John Trump who was the orchestra and conductor of the BANKRUPTCY of the FEDERAL RESERVE and INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE is about to be arrested, and their little game is over! Fini!! Sayonara!!! We The People are ready to take back our Country, we shall show them Law and Order once again! @familyman20181 โ˜•โœ๏ธ

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