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๐Ÿ”” The canary in the coal mine - 1-year credit default swaps on U.S. debt spike once again ๐Ÿ””

Not all is well in the markets. Stock investors and traders always operate in either a state of fear or exuberance. They always fail to see the writing on the wall that comes around from time to time, always being in a state of what I'll make up as "diminished knowledge limitation". They simply cannot comprehend what is dead ahead; or, they were not carbon copied on the memo to get out of the way, close their margin and sell their stocks. Great, the investor does not want to sell. Then why not buy some puts to protect the massive downside risk that's almost a statistical certainty to hit us by early next year? Complacency. Comfort. Greed. There is never a bad time to take profits off the table, or to lock in your gains. If you do, stay in the game with options to protect you. Downside, always remember that the government can push the force majeure button to settle everyone if the system really did implode. The exit area will already be unobtainable by then. That is where diversification is far more broad reaching than what you've been taught. I talk at length on Telegram as to the ways you can diversify and manage your own money. No one will be a better steward of one's wealth than yourself.

Investors have been lulled into one of the greatest states of complacency that I've witnessed in my many years of analyzing and watching the stock market. Investors have become even more complacent in the last 9 months then investors did at the end of 2000, into early 2001. In prior writings, I've compared today's investor to the investor in April, 2001, having no clue as to the avalanche that awaited them over the corresponding 18 months. We are precisely in one of these times. Enjoy the ride, and love your neighbor as yourself. Love yourself. Dream big dreams. Look ahead, but not too far. Feel the present and the presence of the Lord who will always take care of you! Because the Lord knows that many will need assistance in those days!

The 5-year CDS I see below is a representation of the cancer embedded within society. Boycott Bud Light and Target, but make sure to get you daily dose of Fox News and Amazon. The enemy has deceived the very meaning of good versus evil, and has flipped it on its head. Evil has indoctrinated and slithered its way into every facet of our lives. Simply put, it is up to us to quit what is bad for us and our families, and to DoGood, and to change our ways in the sight of God, especially when no one is looking. Otherwise, the USA may find itself on this list below, looking like Venezuela! Notice how far down you have to go to find the USA!


Silence DoGood


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