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๐Ÿ”” Trump goes to Japan to talk to the Military, Memorial Day 2019, recognizes Daniel Patterson ๐Ÿ””

By Silence DoGood

Written May 27, 2019 (raw, unedited since that date)

Trump's tale of two states. This is how his Presidency could be described as of Memorial Day 2019. He seems to be protruding great success in his overseas travel in Japan. And at the same time the deep state is imploding. The collective invisible hand of many millions of people are at real risk of losing it all - the game they have perfected they have been out maneuvered. November 8th 2016 was as if Garry Kasperov had been perfecting many chess moves in advance and was anticipating a win, only to see dismal defeat. The collective "current day" Deep State has had society in a trance for over 100 years, some would say even longerwith various mechanisms of mind control including education, cradle to grave services and others. Some would argue since the beginning of modern day man, some 4,000 years ago, with humans as slaves in present day Egypt. Another topic for a different day. Think of all the many millions and millions of jobs that rely on the inter connectedness between government bureaucrats, politicians, money centers and their spheres of influence. Trump disturbs all of the status quo. Now on one hand you have the 61 million people who voted for Trump because they were negatively affected by this supposed "Democracy" we have lived in, which in reality is nothing more than democracy on the tip of the iceberg, but what lies beneath the iceberg is what people don't see, and that is socialism (both corporate and personal). It is very addictive, similar to heroin would be to a junkie. I'm sure if you put someone infatuated with Wall Street greed hooked up to a brain scanning machine next to a heroin junkie, and on the one screen you put up an opportunity to make 100 million dollars and on the other screen you put up heroin, and similar receptors will probably light up. Humans are very productive and easy to manipulate, similar to computers (If you know how to break the code). And very methods from deep state such as C_A have proven that these methods of cracking the human limits and possibility are deeply disturbing, and incredibly real. Trump's speech tonight in Japan to our military was quite revealing - in the first video that I recorded on DU recorder, the group "Navy Region Japan" had crickets - not sure why. Most of the other ships represented had a ton of hollering. This could be a sign of him attempting to root out corruption or mismanagement or poor leadership. In the second recording he discusses steam versus electric catapult systems. All of the military yelled steam works much better, and Trump makes the point that steam would work better in combat. It makes a ton of sense because so much money is pumped into innovation, but the increases that Trump asked for in his budget was actually to bring the US military back to its former glory by attempting to wind down some of these existing projects that are pork barrel, driven by US corporations. Corporations have put profit before the people. But just like China, who can blame them if that's the game that was being played? Trump is very clear the rules have now changed and this way of doing business will not be acceptable. Just the electric catapult system had a $900 million cost over run! Another example, the F22 fighter jet has been notorious as one of the most expensive fighter jets ever ($4B per plane or something absurdly high). And they break down all the time. The list goes on and on. The military's budget for 2019 was $716 billion. Trump is applying the KISS method here - Keep it simple stupid. The military industrial complex got too close to corporate America after WWII up to today. Our military wants the best, but they don't need the over complicated when it doesn't need to be - and in battle is when it needs to work. I also love the fact that Trump called out Staff Sergeant Daniel Patterson and pointed out that his family has served our military in an unbroken chain of service since the Revolutionary War! This proud American served two tours in Afghanistan and Trump recognizes him as someone that knows how to get the job done. Trump is leading by example and recognizing the greatest this country has to offer, empowering the once unempowered under past leadership of bureaucracy, and instantly giving someone like him instant notarity and fame in this small circle of elite Patriots. Trump also points out that the budget is 700 billion and that's with a 'B', not millions like it once used to be, right general? I thought that is an interesting comment for him to say yet again. This could be in relation to how much of the military's resource was actually getting siphoned off into black site assets and other secret projects that were being covered up in this money is now being funneled to the good guys. "We were depleted, that is the only way to describe it" says Trump.



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