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Watch Precious Metals as we enter the weekend, Gold and Silver are Financial Insurance!

Good morning Patriots! We are testing key levels, particularly on a Friday, and with Gold at $1,950 a paper ounce, and with premiums for physical precious metals still high compared to the average, people are starting to figure out the Truth about "counterparty risk"! When Gold leads Silver, that is a very bullish indicator, and one where we see many speculators waiting for signs before jumping into this pool. People are funny when they buy Silver, it's as if they want to pay more because of the herd mentality. Many people have said they will not buy Silver until it's sustainably over $30 an ounce! So if we all know, it will eventually get there and surpass that, and we have a banking crisis at hand where the United States is about to nationalize all of the banks, why would everyone not be purchasing financial insurance against the incoming "inevitable knowable"? @familyman20181 ☕✝️

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