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We all have our own race to run for God Almighty!

YHVH (God), Glory be to You! Yeshua (Jesus), thank you so much for the pain, for the trials and the tribulations, for You have shaped me into who I am today! For if I had not had these experiences, I would not be the Man, the Father, the King of my tribe, that I am today! He who seeks worldly things should expect worldly results. We all share in our various challenges and struggles, with balancing work and life, and those particularly struggling within the awakening community of researchers who are reporting on and hitting gophers everywhere, yet more garbage keep popping up to report on! There's so much news on government corruption, death jabs, financial markets set to implode, and much more coming out that it befuddles the mind, yet if we just each step back and "take a break" for a few days, which I have done as of late, or even taking a week or two which would be even better, you start to get a new perspective through the eyes of the Lord, if you seek Him out during these times! For we are on a rat race, and God gives us discernment as to when to get on and off the race, and some for good!

We all have different races to run, so we must therefore not judge our brethren, for we not know their struggles and weaknesses. For when it comes to what to focus on, we have the Prophets, the Priests, and the Apostles to guide the Kings and to cover their concerns, as well as God's appointment to them to follow those Kings with a sound mind, which I can assure you, there are few good Kings in these days! At least in ancient days, they agreed on who the Kings were, and who the Prophets, Priests and Apostles were! Look at these days today! No one can even agree on if the sky is blue or purple, let alone these important people to help guide humanity that most have seemed to forget! We must therefore carve our own paths while also recognizing those others who have built a good path for themselves and for others through Christ, as Yahweh is the curator, bulldozer and path builder of our paths, with YHVH (God) as the final House of the Almighty at the end of each of our personal paths!

I am that I am!

God resides in each and every one of us! We must make our dreams and visions a reality. As Christians, we become judgers like everyone else, and so we must repent daily and work really hard to try to talk to those willing to talk back constructively! And if it's not constructive, the collective must come together and agree to get rid of that person once and for all, for these dividers are of the devil!! The Silence DoGood community does this as good as I have ever seen! Bless you all! 🙏🏻

We must bring our visions to the people to hear. To share our knowledge with others as best as we see it, with the information we have! Humanity could either lose its humanity with Artificial Intelligence, or it can amplify it, the story is still being written, and it is up to us to be that change for Yahweh! We must learn to harness and train the AI much like a house pet or animal, such as a horse; for the AI is out of the barn, and some good people need to calm this horse down and put it back in the barn until we can figure out how to tame it! Or pretty soon if things get really out of control, we might just be riding horse and buggies once again! That is not YHVH's plan, and I can't see a world where that happens, but He only promised to not flood the Earth once again, anything else is possible! So we should never test God, and instead seek Him and pray in earnest, for there are days in store that will test each of us, and we will assess our own "purity" in God's fire, much like refined Gold and Silver!

God bless and Yours Truly,

Silence DoGood

P.S. I'm going to be disabling commenting on Telegram soon, and I'm building something very special on my website for everyone to be able to interact and collaborate with each other within both blogs and forms! It has been built by Metaparks!

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