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You can have too much garbage real estate, but you can't have too much Gold and Silver, so long as you are storing it up for God's kingdom and not your own pleasures! - 6/4/2024

I enjoy watching this home inspector rip these builders a new one - and educating people in the process!

If you don't know how to build a home properly, get out of the business! Dare I say some of the homes in China might be built better than some of these s***boxes! And these are million dollar homes...

Needless to say, between all of the careless building practices, the inability for Americans to upkeep a home, the unaffordability of homes between high prices and high interest rates, and the potential for millions of Americans to die off over the coming years due to vaccines and other ways they are trying to kill us off, the appeal of most real estate in America simply isn't there for me! Location, location, location. Be mindful of where you purchase, as it always comes down to what you initially pay for something that will determine the future outcome of how it plays out! The commodity space seems to be a far better place to allocate capital today than most real estate. Everyone has been used to ample liquidity ever since the GFC. The tides could turn real quick, especially if some kind of Black Swan event happens within the Shadow banking sector!

Buy Gold and Silver: 



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