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Green Forest

About Us


This is my official site where our community helps others to connect the dots by sharing knowledge, truth, and real-world experiences.

Our Mission

To Empower curious minds that are seeking knowledge, to guide each individual on their God given path, and to inspire each individual to seek out the Truth, as they see it.

The Vision

To collaborate continuously, so that each individual attains financial freedom and spiritual wisdom, through a process of guided self-discovery.

Meet the Team

Spiritual Advisory Board

Trusted spiritual advisors working in our community who have provided essential guidance and support in my own personal awakening.

Mark Taylor

Mark is a retired firefighter with 20 years on the Orlando, Florida Fire Department. In 2011, he prophesied that Donald Trump would become President of the United States, and has a true gift of discernment from the Lord as a prophet. Mark runs, where you can find all of his prophesies, as well as order his book, The Trump Prophecies. Mark is a trusted Patriot, and I am incredibly blessed to call Mark my friend and brother in Christ.

Melissa Leggett

Melissa is a Deliverance & Intercession healer, and helps individuals break Generational curses. She helped Mark Taylor identify a Masonic generational curse and assisted in interceding to deliver a healing and was able to help Mark remove that bloodline curse. She teaches online and helps individuals on a 1:1 basis. You can reach her HERE and she hosts weekly calls on Wednesdays at 11am EST (Call-in at 605-472-5267 | Code 371831#).

Chris McDonald

Chris is a pastor who preaches Jesus with the true heart of a "Southern Georgia boy"! Although his heart is always in Southern Georgia, he resides in Tennessee, and He always leads his services with Jesus Christ front and center, and God gives him convictions that are filled with the Holy Spirit! He also has multiple prayer meetings per week, as well as teachings, and they can be found on YouTube.

Jay Bynum

Jay is an Apostle of Jesus Christ who lives every day for Our Lord! He resides in Arkansas and relies solely on donations as he left the working world last year to be constantly praying for our country, to answer individual prayer requests and to create Godly content for his followers. He runs the Remnant Restoration Channel  on Telegram, and ATKN (Assemble the Kingdom Network) on Rumble


Meet the support team behind the Silence DoGood channels.

Ed Santora

Ed is a believer in Jesus, a veteran, and is retired from many journeys across the globe, and currently resides in North Carolina. He is full of the Holy Spirit and is in constant prayer and communication with God. I met Ed after I noticed his immense contributions to the Silence DoGood Telegram comments area, guiding Patriots and Christians in the right direction as they sought the Truth. You can find him in the comments area of the Silence DoGood Telegram channel.


Ryan is a believer in Jesus and works in the healthcare field. He resides in Idaho and is a father and a husband. He is full of the Holy Spirit and has also provided much guidance to the Silence DoGood channel in guiding followers in the right direction as they seeked out the Truth. Two major aspects that got Ryan involved publicly were God telling him from the first mention of Covid that it was a lie, and the political, economical realm was more evil than he currently understood. His goal is to learn all he can to help the Family of God, and to help others put Gods voice above all others. You can find him in the comments area of the Silence DoGood Telegram channel.


Mike has been my best friend since we were 17 years old. He is a man of many gifts and talents, with his most recent work including developing a virtual theme park, consulting on cryptocurrency, and his acumen is off the charts for business, strategic management and integrating complex systems into final deliverables that simply work. He built the Silence DoGood site and maintains it, and Mike also came up with the very first draft design for the Silence DoGood coin.

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