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ABDC vs CBDC, meet the guy who "invented" Quantitative Easing! Predicted every crash since early 90s

I highly recommend any of you who want a truly deep understanding of the intricacies of the plumbing in the monetary system, listen to Richard Werner - the infamous City of London Banker who LITERALLY "invented" Quantitative Easing for Japan in 1995!

He has predicted every stock market correction since the NIKKEI crashed in the early 90s. Werner's #1 asset to own is physical Gold.

Richard created the Valhalla Network, where he envisions the mass creation of very small banks who make profitable, sound money loans to their local communities, who not only make money that way, but also make money by being an on/off ramp to their local, regional and even the global blockchain community to connect parties to the existing system. In a world where we have CBDCs, I think inevitably these "modes of transportation" will have to coexist next to each other, while providing "options", including more realistic digital currencies such as ABDCs, or Asset-backed digital currencies  (preferably backed by gold and silver).

Essentially, all would be running a side by side race once and for all: CBDC, Gold and Silver ABDC's + physical, and cryptos. In a free market economy, may the best racer win, right? The marketplace should and will ultimately determine what We The People value as the best money. I think up to this point, it's clear that governmental agencies have propped up Bitcoin, and the cycles that are far too predictable to be normal. But there is still plenty of value to be extracted from blockchain, and is inherent technological value for strong currencies, particularly state-backed asset backed digital currencies that can be trading alongside CBDCs and other cryptos, and where trust is the ultimate currency, Gold and Silver will no doubt shine in those circumstances. State run asset-backed programs would have more of a trust mechanism as opposed to a private project, and far more trust than the current federal government.

No one knows how things will pan out exactly, but we had all better hope that a "grid down" or "banking system failure" are not on the table, because Martial Law would kick in at that point.

If it's God's will to Drain the Swamp, then so be it. We know we are living in the period of Exodus; our Red Sea moment is awaiting us. That is the economic crash. That is when the tide turns at multiple angles that you didn't think were possible, yet they were. The fact that we have created such a tight knit community of teachers and wise souls, I'm beyond blessed to be connected with you all!

Recall that God's children wandered for a long time in the wilderness, wondering if they should turn back to Egypt. As a people holding immense power of Knowledge and Wisdom, with Truth and Love, we must only look forward, understanding how the past works, but not dwelling in it. Please remember I'm here to teach you all and guide you as God puts it on my heart to share with each of you, and I'm not here to scare you with what I see as the Truth, which can evolve with God's timing.

Let us pray on whatever the best case outcome is. Hold Faith that you are in the palm of God's hands at this very moment! God will not leave you nor forsake you! You are Loved! In Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️

Enjoy the video, subscribe to Richard Werner's YouTube channel, and tell him that Silence DoGood sent you:



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