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The Final Countdown - a must read book to understand the enemy and How they want to enslave not just us, but our children and their children. These tyrants must be stopped IMMEDIATELY!!!

I do not highly recommend a book very often, but read on to see why this book must be the next one you read or listen to.

With the failure of Republic First Bank (do you see the intentional confusion of the names of the banks...), the FDIC did not follow the law in bailing-in uninsured depositors. They covered all depositors, yet the FDIC both took a loss and took on some of Republic First's assets (presumably the worst ones). So it should be obvious to all of you that the entire system is in the process of being "Marxified" at this point. Could it get even worse? Absolutely.

What if in the future, the Government agencies in power only decide to apply the bail-in laws to Red States that are not complying with the Federal Government and their desire to repopulate the undesirables with illegals who will berth children in their dystopian world? If your state does not pass anti-CBDC measures alongside pro-precious metals and pro-crypto laws, you will be at risk alongside all of your neighbors.

I highly recommend you read Aaron Day's book, The Final Countdown, where he summarizes a bleak view of a dystopian world in the year 2032, less than a decade from now - if we continue on this path and fail to enact meaningful changes.

The concept that connected with me in the book almost immediately hit me in the face - that the use of a Central Bank Digital Currency is a means to their end - so that Politicians (with the help from wealthy elites who own these mega corporations) can introduce Universal Basic Income, or UBI. 🔔 This UBI would be attached to your social credit score, much like China does to their dissidents today 🔔. Excellent social credit score? You earn $200,000 a year in UBI income, plus Government "perks". Terrible social credit score? You get blacklisted from most everything, even traveling between Provinces/States, and receive a very low income, say $10,000. In addition, your entire family can be affected just by one person's score. It's a slippery slope in which we must fight for every square inch before it's too late. Day also highlights in the book a world that will be fractured into the haves that control the power, and the have nots who must live "off the artificial intelligence grid" through the use of Gold, Silver, and Crypto.

The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People's Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs):



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