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Are you "for sale"? What's your "price"? My price is "Live Free, Or Die"!

If Congress keeps going at their current pace, J6 might just look like a cake walk (even though there is a mountain of evidence against the Government, and these political games play on where good people are getting solitary confinement and third world treatment to be the pawn piece for multiple 3 & 4 letter agencies)! Maybe Patriots would perhaps request [*very limited assistance*] from other SOVEREIGN NATIONS instead of the UNITED NATIONS interjecting itself, if things really go into the Twilight Zone! New York City is UN HQ! 👀

UN & EU vs Russia & China.


The prize: Israel and The United States.

This Spiritual battle will get nasty for the United States if we do not repent as a nation immediately! Put politics aside in your mind, casting out the whole damned lot of them, save a listen to a select handful like Ron Paul, as we call for an alliance with the people of Israel, wherever they are living, and pray for each other!

Expect evil to become more violent soon when it becomes obvious that Modern Warfare has arrived on their doorstep! To me, I cover my family with the blood of Jesus Christ. Everyone is free to choose who and what they wish to follow, but we have seen what the world puts forth; temporary bliss, followed by a hollowing out filled in with sadness, hopelessness and emptyness. Only Jesus Christ can truly heal in my world view. He wants to heal you like a surgeon stitching a perfect stitch! YOU must choose to accept this way of healing, and then He can start to transform your life! Change a job! Change a habit! Go the extra mile for someone you love!

Time is the great healer of deep wounds, but time is also too precious to be wasted. This too shall pass... But the wounds are deep from COVID/2020. Which also makes it apparent that justice MUST be served at all costs, the justice must be severe, and it must be swift. Only We The People can project that out into "our universe", which is "one's own reality"! OMG's leader James O'Keefe was recently part of an interview where he asked one question:

What’s your price?

Is it $10 million?

$20 million?

Is it $100 million?

What is your price when it comes to your values or purpose? What is “enough” to stop?

If the price of your purpose is not your life, then you are for sale.

If you are going to be a truth teller, then your price HAS TO BE your LIFE.

Now the question to my followers, is what is your price? Was the ultimate price not fully paid for and on you by God Almighty through the birth, death and resurrection of his only son, Jesus Christ? What do you believe? It's time to step up and do what you know needs to be done, which is ACTION!

We are God's Sheriff's, His warriors, His defenders! Your prayers go so much further than you'll ever know - in my book, that makes you a superhero! 🕊️

This video will get you fired up!

Goodnight and many blessings,

Silence DoGood



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