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Bloomberg is gaslighting its readers - production is not at an all-time high, but down double digits

Have a keen eye when you are reading articles from the mainstream media. You can glean useful information from them, but you will see subliminal points that could throw the average reader off.

Bloomberg correctly states that a record number of super tankers are headed to the United States to collect crude oil (48 vessels, the most in many years), but they incorrectly state that crude production is at an all-time high - is ISN'T. Far from it. At our peak, we were producing over 15 million barrels per day. Today, that number is closer to 12 million, and declining as rig counts decline. The data is out there, released by the EIA for everyone to view.

And why would a record number of vessels be headed to the US Gulf Coast without any booking cargo? This practice, known as "ballasting" as the article mentions, would seem to me that some think that Europe's supply this winter could get dicey (or for that matter, the entire Middle East during a global conflict), especially now that Germany has fully embraced wokeism by shutting down all of their nuclear facilities, and relying on solar and wind, both of which are highly volatile and unpredictable! And it's clear that Israel and the Arab world want a "Holy War", as they have fought for millennia!

There is a reason our oil and natural gas was restricted from export until 2015. To secure our Republic, we need to shore up our own reserves first, and then create the right laws and put the right leaders in place to create a sustainable marketplace that fosters competition and innovation! But, we have none of that at the moment...

So be prepared for higher oil and gas prices this winter and into the spring. Keep preparing for your home, as if the Lord were to visit it tomorrow!



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