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๐Ÿ”” Chess - the BATTLE for the SOUL of our NATION, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns ๐Ÿ””

To topple the existing game board and start over, you have to first look at the relationship between Oil, Gold and the US Dollar. Plainly put, these commodities are chess pieces. Each commodity plays a role, but how each country controls these resources, and who they decide to trade with, play a far more important role. How each country plays their piece on this global board has had, and will have an effect on other countries and how they can play their pieces. The fact that we are seeing sworn enemies come together (Iran and Saudi Arabia), and how countries like China can become mediators at the table to bring parties together to agree on a new mechanism to conduct trade is unprecedented, that fact cannot be underestimated. These countries have agreed to play on an entirely new board, and will be moving the new pieces on to the new board. The US and EU will still be able to play with the rest of these global players, but there will either be tariffs, or intermediary countries that will, in effect, become middlemen between the Eastern BRICS+ pact, and the Western societies, to trade with in order for the West to obtain certain goods and services only available within the East. There will be deflation in some areas, with rampant inflation in other areas. Effectively, we are looking at a global black market of sorts within certain categories, if the US continues down this path. The US will make it far harder on itself if it continues to push sanctions and push the banks to not trade with certain countries or individuals. I believe the foundation is set for Trump to come back to office in 2024. 2023 and 2024 will be absolutely horrible for markets of all kinds, particularly stocks, bonds and real estate. The phenomena of liquidity drying up cannot be underestimated either, because with rising interest rates, less cash is available throughout the rest of the economy. And this is happening everywhere, both within our Federal Government under interest expenditures, as well as credit card debt and other variable debt exploding and the private and commercial sectors. Anything this government tries to do to paper it over, is only delaying the inevitable; a Hyperinflationary depression, where the people will actually wake up to what is going on. And lo and behold, look who will step in: Donald John Trump. He has already stated his disdain for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Trump has already stated how positive he is on precious metals. The storyline is Trump's for the taking, he just has to cross the finish line next year, unless of course the plot takes a twist and something happens sooner!

@familyman20181 โ˜•โœ๏ธ

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