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DECEMBER 2 - I will bring people to support you.

In your weakness, you discover my strength. You learn that many times I pour out that strength through the encouragement and counsel of others. Though I want to always be the first one you run to, I also want you to pay attention to those who truly care about your heart with no agenda for themselves. 🙏🏻

When you are at your lowest, remain before me, and I will bring people to you who carry my heart. I will place them around you to help you. I know exactly who you need in your life at the precise time you need them. Even if you haven't found them yet, they will come. ❤️

They may not come in the way you expect. Sometimes their counsel will flow through their teaching, ministry, or a prophetic encounter. Some you will never meet in person. Some will hold you as a dear friend or spiritual parent. Regardless of how encouragement and counsel come, if You are willing to receive, I will bestow. Reach out to receive my strength and ask me to lead you to people who will support you.

Listen well to wise counsel and be willing to learn from correction so that by the end of your life you'll be known for your wisdom. 🕊️🪖




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