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Drain the Swamp of all Political parties - 9/16/23

I generally despise politicians. I, for one, would never run for State or Federal Office. I would personally consider being an Ambassador, but only when I'm older and wiser. I supported Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, and I support Trump in 2024. However, there are always some who just can't get their heads around the man. And I can empathize. We are all human. We cannot idolize anyone but God and Jesus Christ. We have to slow walk with these people on the edge, who know the country needs help. Only God will fix the hearts and minds of the people. No politician will fix that. Show them other options of "Draining the Swamp" - it starts with oneself through God.

The Libertarian Party has an interesting candidate that I want to bring to your attention, who could possibly be a rising star in that party. His name is Michael Rectenwald. He was a former Marxist professor at NYU, and "saw the light". Here is what he is running his campaign on:

- Stop inflation at its source - Audit and END the Federal Reserve and legalize competition in banking and alternative currencies such as Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

- Unleash the free market - Which means repealing the income tax, ending corporate bailouts, and eliminating ALL foreign aid. 

- Abolish government agencies that have betrayed the American people, including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, ATF, IRS, and the Department of Education. 

- Bring our troops home from the 800 military bases around the world and END the U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war. 

- Refuse all covid and other “emergency” mandates and investigate all agencies and corporations involved in formulating and executing the disastrous and tyrannical covid response measures.

- Expose the ESG scam and end the federal government’s involvement in it. 

- Investigate the criminal elites, including those behind Jeffrey Epstein’s honey trap blackmail operation and their connections to those on his client list. 

Those are all things many people can support. No matter what candidate you or anyone else supports, push these specific messages far and wide. Maybe the Republican party will start to embrace these values of limiting government to what our founding fathers envisioned for our futures. McCarthy, et al, are all RINOs. Stop electing these bastards!

We can all speculate as to what's going to happen in November 2024. But none of us know what is actually going to happen. Will there be an election? Who knows. But if our country is to survive, there should be a fair and honest election if there are paper only ballots, secured on site, and open pit cries of tallying at night once elections are closed. Do we want the Government purged and a Revolution to install an entirely new government? Many people do, myself included. But the current Government, employees and all, want a full blown, bloody Civil War. Do not give them the satisfaction. They don't want to lose their cushy inflation protected paychecks, Cadillac Health insurance, and fat retirement benefits. They lose these benefits with Gold and Silver as real legal tender. But we the people want to pig roast DC. We need a candidate willing to support the moving of our nation's Capital to Philadelphia, which is where our Capital originally was, reduce the size of government and eliminate many agencies, while increasing the number of Representatives, which is only capped because of how much seating is available in the Capitol building. They don't want more than 435 Representative, when there should technically be over 11,000 based on the population size (do some research on this). DC IS FOREIGN SWAMPLAND. It's time to end this insanity, NOW!!

So whoever you support, let it be known that you don't support any party, but rather the ideals and values our country must instill in every single individual in order for our nation to survive. They are coming for YOU. There's not many people left in their way to block them from doing so. Ephesians 6: Put on the Full Armor of God, sword and shield! ⚔️🛡️

Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ,

Silence DoGood 🔔🕊️



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