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Feeling a little, upside down? 3/18/24

It's March of 2024, and everything feels so upside down.

I can imagine this "upside down feeling" is also how our founding fathers felt, before they decided to overthrow their Government via a declaration written out on paper, for the world to see - especially the prominent signatures of those who had a hand in its creating, in order to fulfill a mission of creating a more perfect union between God and man, forming a Republic, in the best way they saw fit. Founders such as Benjamin Franklin understood that "a Republic is the best form of Government, if you can keep it". Things that are cherished must be fortified, AND maintained. Whether the decay of the United States morally and ethically was a lack of fortification or maintenance will be determined by future historians. Whether or not we will have a future country that can study the past is dependent on us in the present. There are lessons for us to learn today, most notably, that bad governments are easy to proliferate and will take a stronghold at every possible turn, while good Governments must be fought for and are easier to topple with time without fortification and maintenance. But it's not impossible to defend a good government. Nothing is impossible when God is behind you, your region or your state! Our nation has lost its moral compass, and has strayed away from God Almighty, most unfortunately due to a decay in many movements over the decades that have left most places of worship in a neutered state!

95% of the population in the 18th century preferred to keep their King of England as the leader of the colonies! Only 5% of colonists at the time wanted a republic separated from the King and were willing to fight for it...

Are you part of the modern day 5%ers? Comment or hit ❤️ if you are!


Silence DoGood



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