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Got Silver? 5/15/24

Are you PREPARED? Watch the USD price of Silver, for when they finally lose control of Silver, that is when their end is near.

I can assure you that many people in the land that I have called my home my entire life, enjoy the Second Amendment right to bear arms! We enjoy our diverse land, our dense woods, bogs and wetlands, hills and valleys, extreme cold and extreme heat and humidity, and best of all, a community of people with authentic "know-how" skills!

Those in the cities who are able to escape whenever such event(s) might occur, should be thankful in those days if they get to be a servant in a home in a rural area, where these U.N. soldiers dare not roam, while we rebuild a once Great Nation!

Silver > Gold is a rule of thumb for me. Functional monetary Gold like Goldbacks will be important, but alongside Constitutional Silver, which has always been the money of We The People, and will always be, whenever we might just have to be truly "local"!

There will be many copycats of "Argent/Money/Silver", and some really good ones that find a lot of success in lots of areas and regions in both the physical world and the digital world, but nothing will ever come close to Silver, AG, Element number 47, atomic weight of 107.8682!



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