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Is El Salvador's Bitcoin experiment a roadmap for eradicating the deep state?

I know many have railed on El Salvador for making Bitcoin their official currency in their attempt to rid themselves of the dollar. I give their President, Mr. Bukele, credit for all of their accomplishments. I must say, I'm surprised at the rate of change post Bitcoin adoption, considering my once perma-bearish stance on the topic. No doubt, I'm sure it brought a significant amount of capital to the country, and a rapid desire to change and clean up the streets there.

I believe it's a lesson to ourselves that we all have to look at the facts, find where the chips fell, and then move on to the next problem. We form our own opinions, but then we hold on to them for dear life, even if the circumstances have changed.

I shared a couple of videos above that highlight that El Salvador is actually doing something against the "deep state". Crime has collapsed. A middle class is blossoming. Voting is a multi-step process that includes paper ballots and getting your finger inked at the end. They are bringing manufacturing back on a local level. Are these all not things that you would want scaled up and to happen in the United States? Or is accepting the BTC and the general blockchain solution narrative a more convenient way for individuals or a country to exit from the current system "the easy way", without necessarily putting in foundational time to change the root of the problem and bring everyone out of poverty together?

God wants us to have abundance. But this will not happen until we find Him, His word AND His people, His children (you and I)! No technology will save the human heart if the heart is not in the right place.

The United States has become a complete pacifier society. We want everything now, and we want to pay nothing or as little as possible for everything, regardless of how it affects others around the world or in our backyard. They achieve this through various forms of social conditioning and through subliminal psychological tactics, in which the deep states uses to attack everyone, in different ways.

The waiter/waitress is about to bring the bar tab to our tables. Everyone is about to have some uncomfortable "NIMBY" moments, especially considering ALL of us have illegals, and very ignorant neighbors living right near us! Someone WILL pay the bill. And a country full of illegals, terrorists and ignorant persons could very well become a very dangerous country and short order - look no further than to El Salvador's past as a historical example!



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Yep! Right there with you, young’un! I so love introducing you as “my brainiac pal”. God bless y’all and have an awesome week! Love and hugs abound!

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