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Law and Order for the 21st Century and beyond - 6/14/23

Djibouti and Kenya look to trade goods and services outside the dollar system with Afreximbank. One of many such relationships developing between countries as of late. And many more will be formed over the next 18 months.

We are witnessing the slow, yet necessary dismantling and destruction of the Military Industrial Complex, which started with Afghanistan. The globe is resetting relationships due to the current administration; yet, this does not mean the dollar will be going anywhere. As long as we produce and export goods and services, and we have Law and Order within (which is our nation's greatest intangible asset, our people), the United States will be fine in the long run. The world still wants a piece of ownership of companies domiciled here. But this transition will not happen before lots of pain, and not before we go through a spiritual berthing process, where as many as possible must find Christ.

This might be controversial, but it is quite plausible that future historians will show that the last 100-year cycle (1920-2020) was not the century of the U.S.; but rather, the century that was controlled by a "shadow global Government" of a multitude of families, trusts and other "beneficial interested parties". Imagine if the next 100-year cycle sees the United States dominating this global superpower status until 2100? We must become a nation of dreamers once again! To have Faith that God will make the impossible, a total reality for His children - but we must not sit idle, as idle hands are the works of Satan!



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