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Mike Gill - State of Corruption - originally posted on Twitter 7/29/2020

I apologize in advance if any of these links don't work. A lot of links have been taken down over the years, but I post them in here to preserve the work I had previously done before being eradicated off of Twitter, 2 hours before President Trump.

Enjoy. ๐Ÿฟ


/ THREAD STATE OF CORRUPTION EXPOSED Spotlight: Mike Gill Exposes Corruption at the DEEPEST LEVELS in New Hampshire, NH's money laundering scheme going on even today, & the vast web of fraud. He is only on YouTube at the moment, start by watching this: 2/ Mike Gill owned The Mortgage Specialists, one of the largest Mortgage agencies in the United States - until he was targeted by the Deep State after he tried to take down heavy hitters. He has tried to blow the whistle on corruption, but has only gained some traction, hopefully until now.

3/ He describes in great detail, with hard facts, how NH has been the Deep States lynch pin for years, as you've never heard it before, deep inside the rabbit hole. His testimony is unbelievable. He was offered $50M to stay silent, but he would not take their dirty money. 4/ He ties in questions you may have thought like why was Ghislaine Maxwell in NH? How did she pay cash for her NH home? What corrupt players are in NH that protect the Deep State? How do these players protect each other like the mafia? I encourage you to watch his videos.

5/ How many people could pick out New Hampshire on a map? A survey done shows only 50% of people could identify New York State on an unmarked map. NH would be far less. Similar to what Estonia was to laundering Russian money to the EU, NH is within the US. 6/ Facts that we know: Ghislaine Maxwell was captured in Bradford, NH. She paid cash for her $1M estate. She was Epstein's girlfriend. And she is a woman in danger of "dying" in jail if she tells too much. But why would she go to NH & buy a property? Read on. 7/ Gill points out that NH is the safest place she could be in the world. She dealt with the elites. She knows the Deep State PERSONALLY. She felt safe enough to buy a property after all. Gill claims that NH is a money laundering porthole. The DS protects NH 100%. 8/ Hillary Clinton's campaign manager was Bill Shaheen in 2008, Jeanne Shaheen's husband & partner at law firm Shaheen & Gordon. Jimmy Carter appointed Bill Shaheen as U.S. Attorney for NH in 1977. Both Bill & Jeanne Shaheen are Deep State. Mini copies of the Clinton's.

9/ Now Epstein was a Billionaire, so when he was told by the FBI "make a deal" or be killed, he probably thought he could buy his way out of it like always. In Gill's words, the FBI is not only corrupt, they are the head of the Deep State. Their job is protection & covering up. 10/ He discusses in the video a U.S. Attorney & top IRS persons in charge of investigations nationally were behind keeping Gill quiet & sweeping the corruption under the rug. The IRS was being covered up by the FBI.

11/ In Gill's words, the FBI took in Maxwell & so she won't be allowed to tell the truth. She will have to take their deal, or die. Gill doesn't think the truth will ever come out (I think there's much more to it that will come out in time & be played out). 12/ Now to get to the Money Laundering - Gill describes NH's corrupt Banking Department & names names. A man named Jerry Little (R) was a State Senator. Little wrote a bill saying if the commissioner trusts the bank, there is no need for an audit. The bill passes!

13/ All of a sudden he steps down & becomes the Banking Commissioner! Then he stops auditing Banks owned by the cartel! Gill names even more names - Dick Anagnost (Director), Bill Grenier (launderer - investments), Andrew Crews (face of the cartel - CEO of Autofair).

14/ Maxwell knows about the banking laws. She's very intelligent. Little was not afraid because he knew the IRS was already in on it & never thought it would be exposed. Maxwell knows where all of their money is because Epstein was handling it!! 15/ Jeanne Shaheen runs the NH criminal enterprise & was former Governor - she was in with Lois Lerner in the IRS targeting scandal with proof! a very small number of people know where all the bodies are buried! Sununu is also tied in, more on him in a bit.

16/ Gill has uncovered a lot more than this over the years & ruffled many feathers & has had these people after him for years. The IRS was extorting him. They eventually forced his hand and he had to shut down his business. Watch his archived videos. 17/ The Shaheen's have deep ties to the banking department, as Gill calls it, the "Ponzi scheme door to the department". Ghislaine Maxwell was the key to their entire laundering system. Epstein was their financier! NH was where a lot of it was implemented. 18/ That is why the FBI took them all in, because they are in on the charade. Gill reported an 80,000 pound tractor trailer full of fentanyl to the DEA with massive amounts of proof & it was swept under the rug! NH leads the nation in number of deaths from overdoses!

19/ Gill discusses how Chris Sununu is a Deep State Republican RINO for saying he wouldn't go to Trump's rally, & is part of the corruption with the Shaheen's. Remember VP Pence was supposed to go to NH and his plane turned back? Gill explains that here: 20/ He discusses how these "forgivable loans" were complete scams (in my opinion bait, as the US Government can confiscate assets at any time) & the Sununu's, Shaheen's & many more corrupt (including the largest law firms in the state) received these forgiveable PPP loans!

21/ I hope you enjoyed this dig, & feel free to share any relevant information you find as you dig Mike Gill's YouTube videos & elsewhere online. If you leave comments, tell him to get on Twitter & be more active on his accounts, @MichaelGillSr & @State0fCorrupt! 22/ Here is some more notable news & relevant information to help you decipher how far the rabbit hole goes. Gill has been trying to expose this corruption for a long time, but hasn't had the audience to hear his side of the story. 23/ "Michael Gill - Ballotpedia" 24/ "Who is Mike Gill, and Whyโ€ฆ You should care? | Redress ~ 4 ~ Dummies" 25/ Corrupt RINO's love NH - Mitt Romney & many super rich own mega mansions in the Lakes Region. It's easy to get away & disappear for a while, especially when NH isn't even really a flyover state - you pretty much have to have business there in order to be there at all. 26/ Craig Benson, former NH Governor (Republican) & founder of Cabletron was in the news about his Merrill Lynch broker ripping him of millions of dollars - that doesn't seem too fishy or anything! 27/ New Hampshire has one of the most favorable trust laws in the US only behind Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota & Alaska, & has become a haven for ultra high net worth individuals and family offices in the last decade. 28/ @patton6966 @SantaSurfing @PunishDem1776 @Beer_Parade @BullPatriot @mwam1993 @CatNamus @martingeddes @colgrove11 @hgraceq @SnarkishDanno @LisaMei62 @Pink_About_it @DigitalFrontQ @CoronavirusFor @CoreysDigs @Tiff_FitzHenry @TyrannisCave @tlshaw1997 @DamonRiddle3 29/ Thank you PATRIOTS! @threadreader please unroll โ˜•โœ๏ธ /END ๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ”” March 31, 2022, you can find Mike Gill on Truth Social at

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