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Roll with the Changes, things are about to fly around the world in the coming months! 5/10/24

If you can truly comprehend these 5 charts, you deserve a round of applause. For the rest of you, take your advice from REO Speedwagon for 2024, where they advise you can Tune a Piano but you can't Tuna Fish, where you Roll With The Changes, and where it's Time For You To Fly!

That album was released in March 1978, right before Gold hit $850 in 1980 (where the average 3bd home was $50k) and the deep forgotten recession through 1982 only fixed itself via Reagan's "grand money printing bonanza" throughout the "go-go" 1980's! Home ownership costs had gone up 5-8x in the 10 years from 1970-1980.

So today, I don't think we're out of the woods, not by a long shot. Does a bear go #2 in the woods? You bet it does! So of course, we will eventually get a Fed-crafted market crash via QT, continued higher rates and next on the lineup, a consumer recession due to six-figure salary job losses across the board ramping up as CORPORATIONS realize what's coming and they start to prepare!

The length from "panic to stimulus" has shortened as the speed of information has increased, and the knowledge base of past problems and solutions increases the potential for a very "V" shaped crash-recovery because of the pacifier markets need with the Feds highly addictive money printing. Or it could form an "M" when market volatility, or the "VIX" dramatically increases as participants in that failing system known as "Wall Street Inc" realize the bond market is forming massive fissure cracks of Biblical proportions, due to the shift of the money vortex from Central Bankers to BRICS Nations and from Fiat to Real. Nothing can stop this.

If Warren Buffett raising cash (and maybe secretly raising lots of Silver) isn't a sure canary in a coal mine, I don't know what will wake you up from your slumber other than a good old-fashioned "reset" of some kind! And these reset(s) come in all shapes and sizes, small and great, typically from government bazookas in the unlikeliest of places, but we know for sure the future resets WILL BE as substantial as the Great Depression, at least for those who haven't prepared their Financial AND Spiritual homes to put them into "Law and Order"! Allow the obfuscation, the wool over your eyes put on your soul since your "berth" onto this Earth to be ripped off and replaced with the Truth, the Way and the Life in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen 🙏🏻 🕊️



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