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๐Ÿ”” Silicon Valley Bank had far more skeletons in the closet than anyone realizes ๐Ÿ””

By Silence DoGood 3/21/23 Silicon Valley Bank dramatically increased loans that were made to directors, corporate officers, principal shareholders and insiders before their collapse, TRIPLING to $219 million in Q4 as compared to only the previous quarter, Q3 2022! Where are the regulators in all of this?! It also seems that Silicon Valley Bank had been lending a significant sum to CHINESE STARTUP COMPANIES (tech and health sciences made up the bulk of their customer base), and these foreign corporations subsequently had significant deposits both with SVB, as well as potentially with other regional banks. One has to wonder what kind of political influences and phone calls were made to the Biden administration to ensure that all deposits were protected and backstopped to save these Chinese "startups", which to me is just a fancy word for "cover up"! You also have to wonder how much each country needs each other to keep the charade going, while simultaneous political posturing ensures that both countries populations think there is hostility in order to drum up Patriotic propaganda rhetoric. No country, political leaders at the helm, nor any socioeconomic status are immune from this kind of corruption. It is clear that banks like SVB were massive global money laundering machines, taking in vast capital from venture capital cash, cleaning it, and loaning some of it back out, while parking much of it in various Treasuries for "safe keeping" (obviously the bank preferred long-dated Treasuries with no hedged positions, which was their ultimate demise). The fact that SVB had an average maturity on their bond portfolio over 4 years, and an effective average interest rate around 1.5% means that much of the cash that went into the bank happened in 2020 and 2021, which would coincide with the massive investment gains in stocks, and cash inflow these companies saw right after the plandemic started (think Zoom meetings and massive ramp up into research and development). Both the government and regulators surely were in on the scheme; not only can they not claim incompetence, but these banks became a steady buyer of Treasuries (good for uncle Sam), and various regulators could go after them with legal technicalities, and charge them "fines", which to me, are the same as "bribes" to "pass go". Where are the Military Tribunals for crimes of treason against so many of these politicians around the world?! My constitution says I can take my country back if there are enemies, foreign or domestic, and I see both lurking throughout the various political and corporate swamps! And those in the know within these corporations who failed to blow the whistle when they knew something was wrong, should also be doing some time behind bars! Time to round them all up! @familyman20181 โ˜•โœ๏ธ

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