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🔔 Take control of your personal economy, and help tell the story of "why Silver & Gold" 🔔

As our minds wander as to the current state of affairs on the Ides of March, it is up to We The People to take control of our own personal economies, and to help others by throwing them a life jacket. Nowadays, everyone wants to give you their opinion. Everyone wants to tell you "what you must do". But at the end of the day, your decisions are yours, and yours alone. We see stories of fear and panic play out, followed by hope and joy. Stock market panic, bank runs, the phrase "what should I do" circles the minds of most everyone. But to really understand, to get a grasp on things, that you must also "innerstand", that this is a game that is all tied up in emotions. Love yourself first, in order to love others. Our hearts and minds are being played. You must cut through the red tape in this world, and go straight to the Truth, which can be delivered in various forms, but where everyone with a sound mind will come to the same conclusions. When it comes to decision making, ask yourself the question, what would God do? Ask this question with every decision you make, and you will quickly learn the meaning "I die with Christ daily". It is a tremendously perilous and lonely road to take, but one that is rich in love, and also rewarded with a blessed Kingdom. God tells us to bring His Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. That starts with following God's laws set forth by Moses, and walking the narrow and long path of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We must listen to God's real Prophets and not the profiteers. We must seek out His Priests and His Apostles. God understands that we are not perfect. It is the effort we put into seeking His Kingdom, and in Doing Good all the time is what matters to Him; and so the outcome will be God's will. If God's will is toppling this financial system we have been forced to participate in, understand now that we each have a part in changing the system to what we want it to be, not what they want. God wants us to work hard and Love your neighbors which are also His children, as you would your closest family. This help starts with a call to action. And the best way I know is through what God has been telling me to tell you all along, to remove what you can from the existing system, and to stack physical precious metals in your possession, but especially Silver! When everyone is telling you that the system is okay, it is not! How do I start, one might ask. Start by assessing your net worth and where you are at. From there, a prudent amount of Financial Insurance would be 5% to 10% in a mix between Gold and Silver (maybe more depending on your circumstances, but that is a minimum starting point). If you want more liquidity and less volatility, Gold can provide stability and is accepted anywhere in the world. If you want barterability and a potential for much higher exchange appreciation, Silver can provide that. As any well-diversified portfolio would sit, you would not put your eggs in one basket. So wherever you stand from there, look at your "liquid" pile of Federal Reserve Fiat notes, money market and other security instruments you hold in their system. Look at any potential overweightings of any positions in your portfolio that you can use to trim to add to your precious metals exposure. Take into consideration taxes and or potential penalties, and pay them. For God's children must follow the laws of the land and render to Caesar what is Caesars, and render to God what is God's. Do not expect anything in return, full well knowing you will be doing God's will when you do this, and He will give you protection and abundance! #StackOn #SilverIsMoney In Jesus Christs Holy name, Amen 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️ Silence DoGood @familyman20181 ☕✝️

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