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The banks are as drunk and insolvent as Uncle Sam is, money isn't free!

This is an inflation adjusted real estate index of 20 Major US cities, which gives the broadest representation of valuations, and Robert Shiller's data is on a Gold standard of its own.

The data shows we are in a massive bubble, far larger in scale in relation to 2003-2007. Yet people seem paralyzed, or conditioned in thinking that real estate prices will keep going up. Real prices WILL fall, without MASSIVE Fiat printing. One or the other will mathematically happen. Fiat currency printers will be diverted to Precious Metals, Hard Asset Projects, and high profit margin enterprises only. This 40 year game of Candy Land is OVER. People are about to find out that money has a REAL cost - and it ain't cheap!

Who will have that money? Not the banks, they are broke and insolvent, along with their drunk and insolvent Uncle Sam as George Gammon says! YOU have the money, stacked away in your safes and private storage!



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