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🔔 The deep state WILL try to SHUT DOWN THE WORLD IN 2024, you've been warned! 🔔

In very predictable fashion, United Nations Secretary General António Guetteres stated at the deep states One World Government's Headquarters on the East Side of New York City, "Humanity has opened the gates to hell. Horrendous heat is having horrendous effects".

People had better wake up to the fact that this is pure propaganda! Their panic is real, and expect them to enact draconian measures to attempt to shut down the economy once more, when they don't get their way in 2024. They would much rather shut the world down, then to see peace and prosperity.

We knew they would use climate change as a means to their end. Their end is almost nigh. We must stay in the fight, which is for your mind. Knowledge is Power, but Wisdom is from God!

Silence DoGood 🙏🏻⚔️🛡️🕊️🐸

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