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๐Ÿ”” The Fed has lost control, the global economy is heading off a CLIFF OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS ๐Ÿ””

Do you have a fond memory of a grandma, grandpa, aunt, or uncle that would drive with holding down both the gas and the brake? Well, that is essentially what the Federal Reserve has been doing to the economy for the last 15 years. Most within the system, forgot the basics of how to govern and operate with ethics and morals within a banking system, in which politics has a large blind spot within the spiraling complexities of Big Business. But one thing is certain - the policies of 2020-2023 has finally given the Global economy a 1-2 Knockout punch. Interest rates have risen from 0% to nearly 5% in a matter of 13 months. This is unprecedented by any stretch in history, with major statistical significance to back this fact. Quite frankly, very few know exactly what is in store. Let us pray that this potential runaway vehicle finds a great mechanic before the brakes finally give way! Get out of debt, try your best to earn more than you spend, and diversify some of the difference into financial insurance: Silver and Gold! Silence's analysis indicates there is a significant chance for a global "demand-destruction-recession". As the consumer has once-and-for-all tapped out record variable interest credit card balances accrue, coupled with a rapid rate rise, this affects the entire globe because most people around the globe owe dollars back in loan terms far less than 15 to 30 years, which the American consumer greatly benefits from, but may not moving forward as terms reset to far shorter terms. Rising interest rates have temporarily benefited savers and conservative investors, but for which the same lot of investors have equally faced 0% interest rates (negative in Europe) for the last 15 years, have seen losses in their bond portfolios, and who have to worry about default risk and counterparty risk. Here comes precious metals, the shiny metal that sits there and does nothing. Until it does everything. "Cash" went from "Trash to King" in 15 months, with counterparty risk of a failing but somehow still in power fascist Biden crony government; imagine what precious metals can do in the next 15 months when these tyrants go "Full Metal Jacket Tyrant" on us - precious metals have no counterparty risk unless our own government decides to confiscate it (thank the Lord for #2A). The holder of precious metals can still participate in the global economy regardless of whatever system is implemented for the people, because the base of the new system will be Gold, which is a Tier 1 asset by the BIS. So what will happen to Silver? It will fare far better, as it becomes the only real money left for We The People, as governments trade in Gold. Think of the economy as a well-oiled machine, except this time around, the "precious metals machine" is being prepared to run again, and the old system is just starting the decommissioning stage! This was fringe conspiracy theory 3 years ago, yet now dominates even the mainstream media narrative. This leaves Silver in quite the unique position. Stack Silver while you still can, the time is nigh! The Federal Reserve has caused irreparable harm to the global economy, for which every leader in every country should be demanding the decommissioning of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service! These two entities (which are illegal and have caused tremendous calamity to the whole of humanity) are so Gargantuan and Goliath-like, that essentially no one can comprehend them, what they do, where they exist, or how about finding the damn instructions on how to remove them when they become tyrannical! Just like people are calling for the "pausing" of chat-AI products and having uninstall instructions, let's "pause taxes and tyranny", and just go full revolution on their ideas, but only in the spiritual realm! Because talking "revolution" in real life might just find yourself in a jail cell with no rights as a "domestic terrorist"! It's funny though when these people cry foul when it does not go their way! Let me know when you find the uninstall instructions for the Federal Reserve and the IRS! It is up to Congress to install that software once and for all, but we have to get back to basics - quickly figuring out how to vote with paper and pen only! I can assure you that very few have ever lived through or experienced such a tyrannical government and brainwashing as humanity has been under for the last 100 years, but a pen shall always fix the gravest problems we face moving forward, regardless of how far they try to push us into this digital reality! Now, the beauty of being you and I, is that if you've read this far, you likely have some kind of influence on the outcome of the world! No matter how small you think your ripple is, I can assure you with great clarity, that our Father in Heaven, along with the angels, are rooting us on! We need to spread ideas worth sharing in rapid succession, for the enemy is relentless and are united! So where is God's Remnant? We are collecting and we are Uniting! Please share if this resonates, and stay safe on the roads ๐Ÿ˜‰! God bless and Truly Yours, Silence DoGood @familyman20181 โ˜•โœ๏ธ

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