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Viva la revolution is in the air, like those arson fires in Canada, something is lurking in the air.

2023 is 1775, as 2024 will be to ____.

You can fill in the blank.

2024 will be the year of either 1) A Revolution, or 2) a Civil War.

I am of the camp that both sides of the political aisle that align with Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi "crowds" have been stirring the "rallying cry" of "Civil War" to their soulless miscreants in the "District of Columbia" (who is the next place to have illegals as cops, who would have ever thought that day would come??!!)!!

A Revolution can be as simple as We The People reasserting our oaths to a 2024 Constitution that would more or less mirror image a 1776 US Constitution, and provide special emphasis on certain areas that the founding fathers struggled to "get a deal done" on, particularly with Article 1 Section 10, which although clearly states that debts are to be settled with Gold and Silver as legal tender, the message of avoiding central banks or making them illegal altogether was a topic of hot debate during the Bill of Rights period, and never made it into the final passage of the Bill of Rights in 1789.

The power of the pen has never been stronger as is today, contrary to popular belief. All it takes is someone of a brave stature, to stand up in front of God, and move forth with what they think is the Truth, so help them God! As Bruce Lee said, Be The Water. Let the world take you where it may, which is what I have done personally on my journey over the last 7 years of awakening, with God by my side! We have forgotten as a nation, the essence of a contract, and how it also binds us in a spiritual realm in ways we cannot really comprehend as we live our day-to-day lives (as Melissa Leggett teaches about generational deliverance, which you can help save by revoking those old contracts).

But mark my words, these contracts and words we speak into the present through direct actions of our tongues and fingertips to ink or keyboard, move the enemy greatly, for they know that Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, from coming!!

2024 = We The People Are Coming!

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