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A wise lesson from what happened to farmers during the Great Depression

This is a great snippet from the Economic Ninja as an example of what happened to the farmers during the Great Depression.

These farmers leveraged money to purchase new technology called tractors, and all of the other bells and whistles that went along with them. Once the Great Depression was triggered by global bankers, the depression caused people to eat far less because simply put, they had less money in their pockets. Contracting credit and people eating less meant that funds were not coming in at a quick enough pace to make loan repayments, and the farmers defaulted. The same thing happened to people's homes.

History doesn't repeat exactly but it does rhyme, as we are seeing a similar concept starting to rear its ugly head today, where we are being given all this new technology along with credit. Replace "farmer" with "tech workers". When credit is pulled due to massive job layoffs, very few will have the wherewithal to ride out that kind of storm. So whether we have a controlled depression, or an uncontrolled hyperinflation, rest assured, prayer with Faith in Almighty God, alongside stacked precious metals (which is real money, God's money at the end of the day), will get you through whatever is thrown at you!

Make it a blessed day 🙏🏻🙌🏻🕊️

Silence DoGood



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