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If you don't hold it, you don't own it

Just understand that we are all watching theater at this point. The big banks only want more control and power. This is what they did during the Great Depression to force more banks into the Federal Reserve system. Everything we see playing out has already been planned out. War has different kinds of casualties, and politicians have learned to use economic warfare to their advantage. Yes, SVB works with a lot of small businesses, but they are also a major lynch pin that just got pulled on Friday when the FDIC took over the bank. They are where much of Big Tech's Censorship ultimately started, from the seeds of these "unicorn" companies that get funding and eventually purchased. The same billionaires who yell "free markets should handle things", are then the first ones to say "we need unlimited FDIC protection on accounts by Monday morning". You can't have a Ponzi scheme credit system, yet have a banking system of unicorns and MMT. Real money is Gold and Silver, everything else is credit. If you don't hold it, you don't own it!! Many will learn this lesson in the days ahead!! And many of you will have heeded this advice, and you will be tossing life vests to many! @familyman20181 ☕✝️

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